Saving for Change meeting with Oxfam America partners and Amelia Duffy-Tumasz (2006)
Meeting with Oxfam America partners in Kédougou (2006)

My service engagements include serving on the Philabundance Advocacy Advisory Council (PAAC) and the Weaver’s Way Food Justice Committee. At Weaver’s Way, I spearhead the Communications Team’s efforts to promote practices and actions working towards equitable food and land access in the Greater Philadelphia Area. I also volunteer as a Penn Alumni Ambassador by interviewing applicants to help the undergraduate admissions committee gain a fuller picture of each student.

Conducting outreach to share research findings is central to what I do. In past years, I participated in the daily work of artisanal fish processors in West Africa to build trust in the process of formulating evidence-based solutions to increasingly contested access to fish-as-food. Before wrapping up doctoral dissertation research, I wrote and presented an issue brief for donor agencies outlining the implications of industrial fishmeal processing for women and men’s livelihoods in the same region. In Cape Town, I produced documents to raise awareness of and support successful advocacy efforts that resulted in the municipal government compensating shack fire survivors for their financial losses. In Senegal, I embedded in a rural village (picking cotton and residing in the local Imam’s household) to identify contextually appropriate indicators of impact for a monitoring and evaluation study of Oxfam America’s Saving for Change (i.e., microfinance) project.

As a high school student, I volunteered as a peer mentor to youth with LGBTQ parents at Philadelphia Family Pride. I contribute to the intellectual rigor of my field by regularly performing peer review for journals such as Food and Foodways, World Development, and the Journal of Agricultural Economics and Rural Development.